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Michael Corvin ([personal profile] lycanhybrid) wrote2027-03-04 09:28 pm

Info and Permissions

RP journal for Michael Corvin from the Underworld movies. Michael is an intern surgeon, and winds up becoming the world's first vampire-lycan(werewolf) hybrid. Michael has the power to change into his hybrid form at will, and has the strengths of both vampires and lycans. His powers include super strength and speed, rapid healing, and he's immune to sun damage and silver.

I usually play him around the time he has his powers (post-Underworld, but before Awakening). I'm also willing to play him as purely human. I also tend to pepper in things from the novelizations when playing him (like how it's actually shown that he can talk in hybrid form).

Possible trigger warning: Blood, blood drinking, possible gore. Note that he comes from R-rated vampire flicks.

Backtagging: Yes. Even if you haven't tagged in months, I'll still be willing to pick threads back up.
Threaddropping: Possible
Format: Prose preferred. Willing to do script.
Threadjacking: Ask first.
Fourthwalling: No thanks.
Canon Puncture: If it suits the thread/setting.

Crosscanon and AU: Yes! I love crosscanon, and AUs are always fun.
Romance: Absolutely. I usually prefer m/m when it comes to shipping.
Hugging: Yes
Kissing: Yes
Flirting: Yes
Smut: Yes.
Mutilating: I'd prefer not.
Killing: No thanks.
Mind Reading: Go ahead. Send me a PM if you want an idea of what kind of reading one might get off him.